Decentralization in Lebanon
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First Draft: Decentralization in Lebanon

Decentralization in Lebanon
In the twenty first century or in other words, the century we are living in, is full of modern political thoughts and what is related to them from public sector reforms. There are so many political systems that are followed every where. These political systems can best be summarized by two controversial systems. These two systems are the Centralized and the Decentralized systems. In Lebanon we follow the central system as the unit or the way of governing.

Centralization of authority is a political system that started with the dawn of political systems and public sectors.
Centralization of authority in its meaning is known as the concentration of power in one place of the government. Most likely this place is the Capital. Centralized governments are generally those countries that are still developing. Centralized governments tend to squeeze all the live ports in one place in order to avoid corruption.
Centralized governments, have very big impacts on people's lives, in both ways negatively and positively. In the negative aspects, people feel troubled while doing their official tasks because they have to go into long and never ending rottenness procedures, the thing that never facilitates their lives. While on the other hand there is a positive side for this system, simply because people feel secure and guarantee that their jobs are accurate and legal.
In Lebanon we follow the centralized form of authority because the administration in Lebanon is still no implementing Decentralization although it is a part of the Lebanese constitution because of political consideration. This system has been followed in Lebanon since 1959 with the reforms done by the exe president of the Lebanese Republic General Fouad Shihab.

Decentralization has a different understanding in Lebanon from the western countries and especially the United States of America. In Lebanon

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