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‘The decentralisation of retailing and other services has had a major impact on urban Areas.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Decentralisation of retailing is the move away from retailing within the city centre to out of town retailing centres. Decentralisation of retailing such as the Trafford centre in Manchester has undoubtedly contributed to urban decline. Central Business Districts are currently facing huge impacts as sub-urbanisation and counter-urbanisation needs leads to an increase in out of town retail parks. However, despite the decline many inner city areas are attempting to reverse this decline by improving the city centres, and therefore decentralisation may not be as negatively impacting as originally thought to be.

The nature of shopping habits has inevitably allowed the increase of supermarkets and large retail centres outside the inner city. The introduction of freezers has allowed for a weekly shop to now be the norm, as well as more people having shopping as something ‘for pleasure’ and leisure as opposed to simply shopping for need purposes. Due to the fact that counter-urbanisation and sub-urbanisation has led to a huge decrease of population within city centres such as that of Manchester, retailing patterns here also decentralised to fit the changing needs of the population. Therefore retailing has certainly led to urban decline. There have firstly been numerous economic impacts of out of town retailing centres. As big companies such as the John Lewis Partnership as well as Tesco’s have had the money to invest in huge super stores, local shops within the CBD are unlikely to compete in terms of offering cheap products or a larger variety of products and therefore are forced to close. This in turn leads to the area falling into urban decline in places such as Detroit where an estimated 1/3 of shops are closed which leads to the area getting a negative view as it is often seen as a crime area or an area with little...
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