Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, South Africa Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: September 21, 2010
Anthropology Essay

The concept of decency in the park/ decency (Ordenlikheid) respectability

Decency and respectability otherwise known as ordenlikhied is a key cornerstone of any society. Each and every community has its own set of values which members are supposed to follow. This essay is going to discuss decency paying particular attention to young girls who fall pregnant in their teens in South Africa and similar scenario in Zimbabwe of teenage mothers. It is also going to look at the policies used in the 1930s in South African government in order to create a good white person.

Nina Botha discusses the experiences of young Afrikaner girls who fall pregnant in their teens. Her particular focus is on a group of girls who are taken to a reform school whereby they are taught who to be good and respectable mothers. One of the things highlighted by Nina Botha is the pressures which young girls face in the pre and post conception period. She points out that one of the major problems which young Afrikaner and non Afrikaner girls face is the issue of poverty Nina Botha (2009). According to Botha in the majority of the young teenage pregnancies the people who are mostly involved come from lower middle class group. These people are poverty stricken and come from places were the family unit is most of the time instable. This often results in the cases of teenage pregnancies because the support structures and the proper care will not be available. Therefore the background of the young girl can be considered as one the pressures which face young women.

Furthermore, looking at the pre conception period, young women also face the problem of dealing with their parents. As a result of the pregnancy there is divergence which occurs between the mother and the pregnant young woman. An example mention by Nina Botha is that of a girl called Mina got pregnant .The parents are often looked down by the society because they failed to raise their child properly. This is...
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