Decathlon China

Topics: Brand, Social network service, Advertising Pages: 4 (1589 words) Published: March 24, 2012
Name: Mariam Najeeb
Case Analysis: Decathlon China

Problem Statement:-
In the upcoming executive meeting Aaron Zhou the e-commerce department head has to persuade the CEO to dedicate more resources towards social media in order to increase online sales short term and market share in long term. So how can decathlon china use social media effectively to attract more customers online towards its brand? And what missing Framework Zhou should use to measure the effectiveness of using Social Media as a marketing tool? Case Analysis:-

Decathlon was established in 1979, it’s a multinational French manufacturer and retailer of sports good. Decathlon is exercising its hundreds of retail shops in different parts of the world. Decathlon China was established in 2003 and has grown significantly in Chinese market having 33 retail outlets in different cities of China. It is representing 5 percent of the annual sales of the entire group coming from Decathlon China only. Decathlon China is not just competing with the global sports brands such as Nike and Adidas but has a strong competition with the local brands such as Li-Ning, having 7000 retail stores and Anta with 7547 stores all over china. These competitors have a strong reliance on the internet and use it aggressively for their advertising, marketing and marking their presence in the consumer market. Decathlon China has some presence on the internet like its official Chinese website which represented decathlon major product line and services rendered in China, but needs to be advertised more potentially among the potential target market. Decathlon Chinese website was ranked 15,315 among all Chinese websites in terms of the consumer traffic which was modest but encouraging compared to the global brands. Decathlon China was able to surpass the famous Sports Company Nike which is one of the top notch companies of the world and was ranked, 18541 according to the web traffic-reporting site Decathlon still...
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