Debut Albums and Vincent

Topics: Andrew Niccol, Debut albums, Decision making Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: September 27, 2010
“Gattaca shows that even if your resume is in your genes, what you make of your life is up to you.”

The 1997 film, “Gattaca” by Andrew Niccol, is a film in which the characters live in “the not too distant future,” a time where many of the people in our world have become genetically manipulated; where the elite are the nobles and the invalids are the peasants. The elite are at the top of the employment ladder, and when called up for a job interview, they speak of nothing but what is in their blood, merely giving a sample of urine to complete the interview. But one man, Vincent, couldn’t accept this, so he stood up and took control of what was rightfully his; his life and his will. Vincent showed that even if your resume is in your genes, what you make of your life is up to you because of your determination and your will to dream and fulfill that dream. He showed that when it comes to your life, no one could stand in your way, not your family or your society and you are the only person that can make the decisions, no matter what your limitations are. He showed this through his determination and will to conquer the limitations set by society and make his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut come true. His determination allowed him to push through everyone standing in his way, his determination allowed him to find that identity broker and his determination is what got him onto that spaceship and into space.

The first time we see Vincent’s determination is when he pushes away the first hurdle in his life that could have stopped him from fulfilling his dreams; his parents. As a child Vincent’s parents never believed in him when they noticed his passion for space. They thought like everybody else that in the world and time they lived in, the closest he, an invalid could get to a spaceship would be if he was cleaning it. His father had once said to him, when Vincent was reading a book on space, that he could never get to the stars and that there was...
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