Debut Albums and Good Luck

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Farewell Speech 1

Good morning, everyone.  Today is a big day, because our dear big brothers and big sisters are leaving. We are very happy but also sad, we are very lucky to meet all of you, we enjoyed studying, playing, talking and singing together.  and now you are leaving, we will remember the good time we ever had.  Thank you for always helping us, you are going to elementary school, we will miss you very much, please come back to play with us, to your futures. We would like to say " big brothers and big sisters, GO!  GO!  GO!  Take care and good luck, thank you.

Farewell Speech 2

You all have been my friends for 2 years and I must say I'm sad to see you go.  I hope you find new friends in school, but don't forget about your old friends, OK?  I love you all and hope that school is fun for you. Next year, I will come to school, too.  Then we can all play and study together again.

Farewell Speech 3

It's hard to say goodbye.
It is sad that some of us will not be coming back next year.  But, very very soon we will all meet up in elementary school. So you guys, keep our seats warm, Ok?  We will miss you.  And we won't forget about you.  Don't forget us, OK? Remember that even if school is hard, if you try hard, you will make it! Good luck to all!!

Farewell Speech 4

Congratulations, friends!  You worked every hard for this day.  We studiend, sang and played together.  Good luck in the future.  Congratulations and goodbye!

Farewell Speech 5

Dear big brothers and big sisters:
Congratulations!  We are so proud of you that you are going to first grade.  Today is your graduation day.  It's hard to say goodbye! we won't forget the happy days we learned and played together.  Good luck and keep it up for the new school.  You have our best wishes.

Farewell Speech 6

Hello, everybody:
We are here today to say goodbye to those of you that are leaving us. We are sad but at the same time, we are happy for you.  You are going to start a new...
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