Debut Albums

Topics: Debut albums, 2006 singles, Happiness Pages: 4 (976 words) Published: November 5, 2013
To people they can be just an unreachable goal
Or an unattainable desire.
They can beacons of hope
Or just simply just a wish you hope that comes true one day. To some people they seem like silly thoughts
And things we should not waste our time on.
To others its they are only silver of hope they have lost all hope. It can mean to others their goals or even how they want life to be. Or just something that occurs when you fall asleep
To me
Dreams were the only thing that I had to hold onto when no one was there for me They were there to help me to keep going and inspire me.
They were the only thing I had left to hold on
They gave me a reason to stay
Because even though they were just dreams
Those dreams showed me reasons to stay
They showed me the goals that I had hope for.
That one huge goal I had in my mind.
My first though was that it was unattainable
I dreamed of becoming a mother one day
Of having a family
But I my mind set was that I was never going to be good enough to be a mother That I needed to be much more than I was.
But I kept that dream in mind and I saw mothers with their children at the park one day Playing, laughing and smiling
And I thought what perfects mothers they were and I would never amount to that. My children would just always end up hurt.
Because of how carless and insensitive I was.
I clearly would never be good as them.
Then I saw one of the mothers children injuring themselves.
That was one of my major fears but it soon was taken away when The mother ran right to the child and the child stopped crying. Because the mother helped to heal her and laugh again.
And I thought maybe not all mothers are perfect but what counts is that they don’t ever give up. Which is my point.
All of you who don’t think you aren’t good enough or don’t deserve to live. You are.
Just take a second.
Right now take a second out of your day.
And breathe.
You see that.
That beautiful breath you just took.
It shows you are...
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