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THBT states should take active measures to limit the spread of American pop culture. Popular Culture is the entirety of ideas and images that are within the trend of a certain culture and heavily influenced by mass media. This collection of ideas permeates the everyday lives of the society. The main countries involved will be... The measures they will take are... American pop culture is..." The measures they will take are restrains of particular modern music, art, design, images. The main countries involved will be countries other than USA. INTRODUCTION

1. Good afternoon Mr/Madam Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen.
2. The topic for our debate is
“That states should take active measures to limit the spread of American pop culture." 3. We the affirmative team believe that this statement is true. Rebuttal...
1. The first speaker from the negative team has tried to tell you...

This is wrong because...

2. S/he has also said that....

This is wrong because...
RECAP : Our 1st speaker has already explained.... and I'll extend the point of view into this motion. ARG: 3. The American pop culture is setting a bad example for today's youth. Because, :
Currently there are many artists that are doing anything just to earn fame. For example  there is the same Miley Cyrus and her transformation from the sweet, loveable and girl next door to a regular tramp, who seems to be dressing less as she matures. Does that give young girls the impression that to catch a man's eye or be worthy of any attention, you must dress like a street-walker? 

It emphasizes the importance of material things and money instead of hard work, education, and close relationships with family and friends. It portrays women as sex symbols more than it does men. For example look at the music video created by Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines. That video shows topless women dancing and exposing their bodies not in the right way. It objectifies women as sex targets. Then a sexual prejudice emerges...
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