Debate: Year Round Schooling

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Debate X
11 March 2013
1st Negative Outline
Resolved: that the United States government should not pass a law requiring year round schooling for grades K through 12. I.Attention-Getter
A. One of the main points my opponent is going to try and exploit is that the summer break causes students to forget most of the information they had learned the year before. Yet, a study done at the University of Auburn says that "the only measurable summer learning loss occurs in the first 2 to 3 weeks" ("Traditional Calendar or Year-Round School?"). If a student does not pick up a book or review for 2 weeks then, he is going to forget some of what he just learned. Now instead of having one review when students return back from summer break. Teachers are going to have to give 4 reviews, takin away from precious instruction time. Now I also what you to think about the last day of school, and the first day you get back every year. How much work really gets done in class. Not a lot. Now we are saying that there must be 4 "last days" and 4 "first days back". That is already setting the teacher back one and a half more weeks. Once again another way to counter this argument is by saying the responsibility of somewhat retaining your knowledge is in the hands of the parents and the student. We can not just sit at home all summer and think its just going to come back to us, but just because children and parents don't take the initiative to do any academic work over the summer means we have to change the schedule of American's on a national level?

1. There are entire businesses whose main purpose is to put on academic based summer camps such as Education Unlimited. These summer programs are put in place to help students continue to excel in the the academic field.

2. That is why I the negative am firmly resolved: that the United States government should not pass a law requiring year round schooling for grades K through 12.(REPEAT) II.Definition of Terms

1. An acronym used for year round schooling.
A. My first contention is that Year Round Schooling will cost more than the normal school calendar. (REPEAT) 1. A article written by Beth Harpaz in the Huffington Post says "Year-round schools also typically cost more to run, thanks to air-conditioning, extra transportation costs and other expenses. And it's harder to make major repairs when classrooms are empty only for short periods." (Huffington Post)

a. This makes sense considering the school will be in effect for more of the calendar year and will have to be maintained though out each 2-3 week break because the students will be returning so soon. In comparison to a regular school who does not necessarily need maintenance everyday during the summer vacation. The new school days in YRS will more than likely take place during the extremes of summer heat, which means that the air conditioning will be constantly running. Along with the fact that some schools may still be on regular schedule, the transportation services (buses) will have to work extra days to have the the kids on the year round schedule picked up.

2. A picture from shows us that it cost all the schools in Garland and Lewisville, Texas about 6.1 million dollars to start up and shut down the schools each summer ("Traditional Calendar or Year-Round School?".)

a. This means that if these schools were forced, by law, to proceed by the year round schooling schedule, then it's start up costs would drastically increase to about 24.4 million dollars per year. B. My Second Contention is that YRS goes against tradition. (REPEAT) 1. Juggling different school schedules is one of the toughest problems parents of children in both year-round and traditional schools face. Many high schools don't employ a year-round calendar because of sports schedules. And teens want to be able to take summer jobs. ("Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schools")

a. Sports...

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