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Topics: Recycling, Earth, Fine Pages: 2 (893 words) Published: September 17, 2014
People should be fined for not recycling

Starting a good practice sometimes requires incentive, whether it is positive or negative. Although I do think it is a good idea to recycle, and everyone should do it. There are a few problems People will resist change. They have been dumping trash all their lives and think it is good enough. In many instances recycling costs money, mainly driveway pick-up recycling. And people don't want to spend money.Enforcement, even if people were fined for not recycling, how would it be enforced? That seems like a lot of extra back-end infrastructure to place before setting it to law. Overall Yes people should recycle as much as possible, and being fined is a good incentive to start, but I don't think it is realistic without proper enforcement.

It is of the upmost importance to the ecology of our planet and sustainability of our lifestyles. The world consumes far to much, . We are running out of resources and contaminating natural habitats and eco systems. Recycling will help reduce the rates of all three problems, I don't see why its acceptable for someone not to do this for no other reason than the fact that they are lazy, there should be consequences for their actions, as the consequences for not recycling are greatly more dire to the planet and myself being part of it.

Save the world! The negative team say no recycle right? Then can smoke,kill or sin don't you think someone will choose not to recycle?Your practically killing the earth yourselves,saying you recycle but where's the other half of the heart? I'm being real here I mean you cant teach someone to recycle and don't compare god in this situation and don't believe what you hear because recycling does not go in your toilet! It becomes a new object, a team and we have to do our share of taking care of the world. I'm being real maybe some rich people will break the law and there rich so they pay again and again and again but at least 32% of our...
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