Debate - Sports Starts Get Paid To Much (Affirmative)

Topics: Tiger Woods, Third World, Policy debate Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: March 2, 2014

- Billy Slater - Earns $900,000 a YEAR!
- Tiger Woods - Earns $59.4 million a year! - Highest Earning Male Sports Person
- All this money could be spent on other necessities.
- A mother working 8 to 5 5 days a week, may only earn 50,000 a year if that. Alex Rodriguez (member of the America Baseball team the Yankees) earns 200,000 even if he was to strikeout and not contribute anything to the game.

- Barack Obama running the country, comparison - A salary of $550,000 a year! Nothing compared to Tiger woods.
- Billy Slater-any other expectations
- Not getting their pay docked, even if they perform badly
- Local sporting getting paid just to take the field (win/lose) 1st grade Grafton Ghosts getting paid, $50. Affecting local sports man not wanting to play if they arent getting paid, filtering down.

- If they get sacked (under contract) they still get paid until contract is over
- A football player can go out on a field for 80 minutes and earn ridiculous amounts of money. 1st Speaker;
• Do athletes deserve more money than those who contribute to the world every day? (rhetorical question)
• They get paid whether they win or lose, play alot or not. They are doing what they love and what they're good at, yet teachers and lawyers do the same thing and they aren't paid nearly as much. Athletes entertain us and get millions for it while teachers pave the way for our future and they get so much

2nd Speaker;
3rd Speaker;
What we need to add;
- A slogan

Many athletes get paid to;
- Drink there sponsors products
- Wear clothes - Many people can't even afford new clothes.

All this unnecessary money that sports stars are paid, could go to other causes like;
- Curing cancer and other diseases.
- 3rd world countries.
- Homelessness.

1st speaker: Good Morning/Afternoon ____________ Do athletes deserve more money than those who contribute to the world everyday. Today we will be talking to you about...
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