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Debate Structure & tasks
“Quick Service companies should involve employees in their environmental scanning process.” O1
Dear Jury, honorable chairman, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. As just stated, today we will be discussing the following motion: “Quick Service companies should involve employees in their environmental scanning process.” First I would like to rebut on what has been mentioned by the Opposition so far, then I will present the case for us as an opposition and finally I will state the reasons why we are against it. (These will be our labels)

P – You might, for example, address the ‘Opportunity’ as presented by P1 and argue that it isn’t really an opportunity at all.
The opportunity mentioned by the Proposition is actually not an opportunity at all because: The environmental scan is one of the most important ingredients of the strategic development process. Its importance cannot be understated by involving people who do not possess the knowledge and capabilities of how to do it. E – You might concede that there is an opportunity, but deny its significance, or relevance to the company, claiming that P1 has grossly overstated the case.

Even if we say that there might be an opportunity it is not really relevant due to the fact that:

Strategic development process starts with the environmental scanning, if not done in an appropriate way, the company may end up with a completely different strategic direction.

R – You might agree with P1’s assessment of the potential opportunity and its significance but you dispute his/her claims as to the actual cause of it. Shedding sufficient doubt on P1’s causal link will seriously undermine the entire Proposition plan.

At this point I would like to give you 3 concrete reasons of why …(state motion) These reasons are as follows: (Name the labels)
1. Skills needed to scan the environment
2. Lack of motivation from the employees
3. Employees are subjective and...
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