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Debate on Social Networking Is a Nuisance for Students

By mohammednoor35 Jan 15, 2013 359 Words
Social networking is a nuisance for students

Why do you all come to school? Just to meet and chat with your colleagues and teachers or to learn and study? The best usage of our time as students is for studying and socializing is during the negligible spare time that you have. Please correct me if I’m wrong. There is a separate time for socializing and that must be a fraction of time left after we have come to school and done our studies at home, did a little bit of exercise, helped our parents at home, interacted with all our family members, etc. Do you think any time is left after all this for social networking? If you say ‘Yes’ then you are not social because you are not caring for those who you should care for or those who deserve your first priority and also you don’t know how to manage your time. Social Networking has many harmful impacts on the younger generation. Due to social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, yahoo, msn, etc. many people waste a lot of their precious time chatting with unknown people who pose to be friends in search of adventure which many a times leads to catastrophe. Newspapers are full of news of murder, rape, a very high increase in divorce rates (that too in a western country like Britain). Vulgar individuals upload obscene photographs, videos, or use foul language in social networking sites thereby spoiling the minds of the younger generation. People have been blackmailed and cheated via networking. These are just a few examples. I dont say that internet should be avoided or there should be no social networking, both the internet and social networking are important in modern society but blind communication with strangers through social networking has serious perils as mentioned earlier. Internet should be used for good purpose like education, sharing of important data, communication, etc. Social networking with known people on the internet is acceptable, otherwise it should be face to face to avoid the dangers associated. The choice is clear, avoid it and save your precious time and shoot ahead in your career.

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