Debate on School uniforms

Topics: School uniform, Dress code, Education Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: November 30, 2014

LaDonna Walker

Dr. A Gilbert

English 1101

October 29th 2013

Debate on School Uniforms (Pro-Con Essay)

Do you think certain types of clothing promote violence or gang activities? Or do different clothing distract classmates from learning in classrooms.

According to an article in Current Issues: Macmillan Social Science Library "School Uniforms":

"...[A] case of academic improvement following a school uniform policy is that of the Long Beach California Unified School District, one of the first districts to require student uniforms in grades K-8 in 1994….crime in the K-8 schools dropped by 22 percent, while attendance increased.

This is the conflict in todays world about school uniforms. Having uniform in school can decrease distraction in the classrooms and can cut down on violence in school; on the other hand, not having a uniform, children and teens can express themselves through clothing. But can also get bullied for the clothes they wear. Some students and parents favor the idea of school uniforms, while there is an opposing side as well.

This feud of students wearing their own clothes has been a problem for years. Children as well as teens are exposed to fashion trends and different types of clothing through movies, music videos, and television; nevertheless, these trends are not always positive. In a lot of hip-hop and rap music videos, rappers wear baggy clothes and inappropriate words on their shirts. Also the video vixens wear very revealing clothing. By copying this style, students can hide dangerous items; for example, guns and [bombs] in their baggy [clothes]. According to School Dress Codes: AZ Pro/Con Issue, "[In] May 1999, a fifteen-year-old [student] in Conyers Georgia, brought to school a revolver and a sawed-off rifle, which he had hidden in the legs of his baggy jeans. He wounded six of his fellow students" (Cruz, 8). By wearing their own clothes and personal style, it tells other students who is wealthy and...
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