Debate of Technology Cause More Harm Than Goods

Topics: Mobile phone, Sierra Leone, Africa Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Debate: Science and technology has done more harm than good for society.  For the motion:
* "so-called scientists" discovered mass weapons of destruction..."atomic bomb, etcetera" * mobile phones, supposed to "bring people closer," actually "destroy marriages"  * motorbikes, motor cars, and factories destroy the ozone layer, which contributes to global warming * motorcars, motorbikes, and airplanes have caused the death of many lives * "many people lost their lives in Iran, Liberia, etcetera;" "the victims are the youths who are the cream of society" *  "science helps to terminate urban [or possibly I misheard and he said "unborn"] lives through abortion;" "many women now refuse to pregnate"  * students no longer interested in studies; instead they are interested in football, mobiles and television * the discovery of materials like cars, medicines, drugs, gold, silver and crude oil led to killing of innocent lives in Sierra Leone, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, Nigeria * caused a lack of stability in the trading system

* "caused lots of orphans during war"
* car accidents and drug abuse
* "Internet mobile phones promote prostitution with pornographic sex industry"  * The internet leads to political instability "like the war between America and Somalia" * in countries like America students are going to school and killing without reason; in countries like those in Africa people are killing for money  * "As we all know, science and technology is used only for destruction" * "Let’s all fight against [science and technology] to eliminate it from our society"

Against the motion("which I stand with my AK-47 and say a big no to"): * "This is not a debatable topic because a fact is a fact"   * "Gone are the days when people travel long distances to communicate," "now we can lie in bed to communicate via phone or internet"  * planes and ships mean we no longer need to transport things by foot. Transportation "used to...
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