Debate: Home-Schooling Should Be Banned

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: August 22, 2013
We Should Ban Home-Schooling

Good evening adjudicator, audience and fellow debaters. I am the first speaker for the affirmative team and tonight we are here to debate on whether home-schooling should be banned or not. In Australia, home-schooling is defined as learning outside of the public or private school environment. As the affirmative team, we strongly believe we should ban, meaning not allow, home-schooling in Australia. I, as the first speaker, will present my arguments on how home-schooling negatively impacts one’s quality of education and the social benefits of going to school. My second speaker will be arguing that home-schooling is not a comprehensive experience and the effects on employment.

Now onto my first point.

Home-schooling has a negative impact on one’s quality of education. Public and private schools have a set curriculum that has been assessed thoroughly over years of careful planning and research. This trusted curriculum is used so that schools can teach their students the appropriate and vital lessons in all areas of education. In schools, we have qualified teachers who are able to use their expertise in the given areas to give students a deeper understanding of what they are learning. However, home-schooled students are not given such a commendable quality of education. Often the case is that home-schooled children are taught by their parents. We cannot be sure as to whether a parent is teaching all subjects in a balanced manner with the right material. There is no set curriculum for the student and the parent may not focus on all subjects thoroughly enough. It is true that there are assessors who come in to check on the child, but the child is only being assessed a few times a year whereas school students are always being assessed throughout the year on not just tests but essays, orals and assignments. How can you be sure that a home-schooled child is at the standard of education as the majority of Australia? School students...
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