Debate: Gender and Single-sex Education

Topics: Gender, Education, Single-sex education Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Good afternoon, today I am going to talk about whether single sex education is better that co-education. Let me define the motion. Single-sex education schools are where all students are of one gender, co-education schools are with both gender of students. Here is the construct of the motion; therefore, today’s motion must stand. First, Students at single-sex schools perform better than those at co-ed schools. The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test tracked the performance of students in co-ed and single-sex classes. Before I read the results it should be noted that these students were learning the same curriculum. Girls in co-ed classes were 59% proficient, while girls in single-sex classes were 75% proficient. Boys in co-ed classes were 37% proficient while boys in single-sex classes were 86% proficient. Again, the co-ed and single-sex classes had the same demographics, the same class size, and the same curriculum. Second, Males and females have different learning styles which must be treated differently. Here I quote Leonard Sax, an advocate of single-sex education who is an American psychologist and family physician, famous for three books he wrote on gender issues. He speaks of the differences of learning styles between the two genders. “If you don’t understand those differences and you teach boys and girls as if they were the same, the end result is a kindergarten classroom where the boys tell you drawing is for girls and a middle school classroom where girls tell you computers are for boys.” Kids learn differently depending on whether they are male or female. You can see it for yourself. Boys and girls are different. From an early age until high school and beyond they act differently, so treating their education separately is more effective than not. Third, Single-sex education promotes gender equality. As we all know, gender stereotypes are a big issue in the world today. Many people believe that women are not suited for professions in sports, IT,...
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