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Jonathan SpinaDebate Essay
The statement for the debate was Galileo was the most important person in the scientific revolution. I do not agree with this statement. I feel that the scientific revolution was a team effort. There were plenty of people that had a hand in the scientific revolution. In this essay I will tell you about a lot of them.

Some of the most important people that had a hand in the scientific revolution were people like Francis Bacon. His thoughts on logic and ethics in science and his ideas on the cooperation and interaction of the various fields of science, presented in his work Novum Organum, have remained influential in the scientific world to this day. Another person was Nicolas Copernicus. In one of his treatises, he presented the heliocentric theory, which rested on the revolutionary notion that the Earth orbited the sun. Another person was Rene Descartes who invented deductive reasoning. Johannes Kepler studied the orbits of the planets and sought to discern some grand scheme that defined the structure of the universe according to simple geometry which also helped in the revolution.

Now I’m not saying that Galileo wasn’t important to the scientific revolution because he was and he had a big hand in it but he wasn’t the most important. He was the most successful scientist during the revolution but not the most important. He studied physics, specifically the laws of gravity and motion, and invented the telescope and microscope. Galileo eventually combined his laws of physics with the observations he made with his telescope to defend the heliocentric Copernican view of the universe and refute the Aristotelian system in his 1630 masterwork, Dialogue on the Two Chief Systems of the World. Upon its publication, he was censored by the Catholic Church and sentenced to house arrest in 1633, where he remained until his death in 1642.

The person who I think was the most important person in the scientific revolution was Issac...
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