Debate About Sports in Schools

Topics: Training, Education, Safety Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: October 8, 2010
I am here to voice out my concerns about school sports and most importantly, the safety of my child. I always ask myself, is it okay to let my child continue with his CCA? Is it safe to for him to continue participating so violently and uncontrollably in soccer? As a parent, my concerns have not been heard, and what is happening and what is going to happen in next training, I am worried. Why are students working so hard for their sports CCA? “Daddy, I have a competition this weekend and I must clinch the gold medal and live up to my coach’s expectations.” This is what my son tells me whenever he feels stress from the competition weighing on his bare shoulders. Being parents, we are also stressed if our child is neglecting his studies. Is this what schools and coaches are driving at all the time? If that is, I think their driving towards the wrong target of just looking at results than the spirits of sports. There have been many cases of serious/fatal accidents happening around us. Furthermore, these are accidents involving students, involving school sports. School sports have been making headlines recently, but not all of them for the right reason. Recently, a St Joseph's Institution student was hospitalised with head injuries after a judo match. Last month, a Bedok Town Secondary School student was warded in the intensive care unit after a rugby match amidst allegations of foul play and punching. This shows the lack of sportsmanship. This follows the death of a 17-year-old polytechnic student last July after he was kicked during a taekwondo tournament. Aren’t these accidents enough to prove that school sports are dangerous and vital? And as a parent, I think that the cause of these accidents is the school tending to fast-track their students without even developing their cognitive skills or their muscles, which leads to unnecessary injuries and accidents. Here is where my concern comes in. What is being taught to my child during his training? Is the coach just...
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