Topics: Coalition government, Parliamentary system, Presidential system Pages: 5 (1662 words) Published: August 24, 2014
Parliamentary form of government is better
Good morning sir chairperson and members of jury. Friends, I want to ask if a man designated to wind a clock at 12 noon everyday does not do his job, is the clock to be changed or the man to be fired? What will change by switching to a presidential system? Corruption gone------ bureaucracy efficiency incarnate, ----------every MP and MLA a beacon of integrity, ---- no more caste, crime, violence? ----------Nothing will change, -----the same rats will make new holes in a new almirah, ------yes, sir, the same rats will make new holes. This is not about changing the rules of the game, but playing the game better. We need better people in politics, we need better politics. The presidential system is quite flawed and is not suitable for a country like India --- which is the second most populous country----------and whose diversity ---------in terms of language, culture and religion ---------is immense. It has many demerits like: ------it encourages a 2-party system which may not represent the interests of all Indians. --------Voters would vote for a party based on the personality of the presidential candidate and not--------- on the ideology, -------President may be from one party, but the government may be from another party with a completely different ideology, which can lead to policy paralysis--------- if there is a clash of views. I want to ask my friends are they not aware that in India, Dalits have been in power in UP, Rajasthan, Bihar, Maharashtra and Andhra? How can they be thankless to the ability of the Indian parliamentary system? In our system, national parties are forced to share power with local parties. In today's day and age, proper checks and balances are an absolute requirement to ensure that we do not create monsters like Hitler. My worthy friends can take that risk but I feel that a dictator is dangerous because he can get away with genocide. ------So what is the other option? Only a proper democracy which can really be guaranteed by the parliamentary form can be the way towards the creation of an equal world A single person will not be able to represent the needs and aspirations of the diverse groups in India. We have enough tools like RTI, PIL, civil protest, but we do not make enough use of them. ------If all parties are forced by citizens to focus --------on issues relevant to the people, then opposition parties will focus on public interest -----------rather than narrow political gains. Another merit of our system is that we have never had even a touch of a military coup. It's because faith exists in the hearts of people. It's true ------that many dishonest characters find their way into parliament. But just imagine, if we had the presidential system and one such element succeeded in making it to the helm of affairs, sir, sorry to say, but he would be nearly impossible to dislodge. Yes we have huge problems. ---------Corruption, nepotism, power-broking, But these are more owing to human failure to deal with power responsibly than the failure of the parliamentary system. Will a presidential system work any better? Sure not. My friends harped very high about presidential system but given the nature of our politicians, presidential form of democracy will be disastrous. Yes audience ----disastrous. Just look at Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Russia and many many countries. Parliamentary system means stability. Presidential system will fail in India. The Parliamentary system offers a lot of advantages. The close cooperation between the executive and the legislative organs leads to smooth functioning of government and avoids confrontation. My friend said about the growing criminalization in the parliament. ----Yes, that’s true -------but where there are such people, there are good parliamentarians also --------who strongly say that such criminals must be debarred from the parliament. This is also happening about parliamentary system....
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