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This house believes that developing countries should ban members of political dynasties from standing for elected office ratty ryn to ty nrhgThis house believes the UK government should pay house husbands and housewives a salary

1st prop
On side prop we say that for too long the legitimate choice to prioritise your family over your work life, the legitimate choice to spend more time with your children and make sure they archive the best in life is only available in socioeconomic middle and upper classes. And that is something that we stand to change on our side. But furthermore it for too long has been the case tat males will not stay at home and look after the children instead of women. We get a very harmful situation as it is seen as desirable for the women to stay at home and for the an to go out and work. On side prop today we stand to change both of those things, resulting in a better outcome for children, for women and for men. So with that in mind I am going to bring you 3 points in this speech:

1) why people who make these choices deserve a sallery
2) why it's better for children in 3 key ways
3) why it's better for family dynamics

Micah is going to go on and tell you about gender equality and why it is better inside and outside the home and why they greatly improve under this model.

But firstly, what is the model that we propose?

Any couple who has children, one of them I'll be allowed to stay at home and not work. Claim a state salary of 20,000 pounds per ear. Happy for them to switch roles so that at one point one is working and the other stays at home, and at another point the other work and the other stays at home, also happy for both of them to go out of work and for them to renounce their salary and for both of them to go back o their workplace if needs be. Obviously, single parent families allowed to stay at home and do same thing.

 1) Firstly, why do the people who make this choice deserve the money that they get?

We say...
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