Topics: Drugs in sport, Drug addiction, World Anti-Doping Agency Pages: 12 (3204 words) Published: May 5, 2013
PRO Performance Enhancing Drugs |CON Performance Enhancing Drugs | | |1. Health Risk | |PRO: "If each of us ought to be free to assume risks that we |CON: "Performance enhancers, like steroids and other forms of| |think are worth taking, shouldn't athletes have the same |doping, have a negative effect on long-term health. For then | |freedom as anyone else? In particular, if athletes prefer the|users of these enhancers are hurting themselves in the long | |gains in performance allegedly provided by the use of |run without on the average improving their short-term rewards| |steroids, along with the increased risk of harm to the |from athletic competition, as long as competitors also use | |alternative of less risk and worse performance, what gives |harmful enhancers. This is the main rationale for trying to | |anyone the right to interfere with their choice? After all, |ban steroids and other forms of doping from athletic | |if we should not forbid smokers from risking their health by |competitions." | |smoking, why should we prohibit track stars or weightlifters |Gary Becker, PhD [pic][pic][pic] | |from taking risks with their health in pursuit of their |Professor in the Departments of Economics, Sociology, and the| |goals?" |Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago | |Robert Simon, PhD [pic][pic][pic] |"Doping in Sports," Becker-Posner blog | |Professor of Philosophy at Hamilton College |Aug. 27, 2006 | |Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport | | |2003 | | |2. Seeking an "Unfair" Advantage | |PRO: "There is no coherent argument to support the view that |CON: "Remember that athletes don't take these drugs to level | |enhancing performance is unfair; if it were, we would ban |the playing field, they do it to get an advantage. And if | |coaching and training. Competition can be unfair if there is |everyone else is doing what they're doing, then instead of | |unequal access to particular enhancements, but equal access |taking 10 grams or 10 cc's or whatever it is, they'll take 20| |can be achieved more predictably by deregulation than by |or 30 or 40, and a vicious circle simply gets bigger. The end| |prohibition." |game will be an activity that is increasingly violent, | |Norman Fost, MD, MPH [pic][pic][pic] |extreme, and meaningless, practiced by a class of chemical | |Professor and Director of the Medical Ethics Program at the |and or genetic mutant gladiators.  The use of | |University of Wisconsin |performance-enhancing drugs is not accidental; it is planned | |"Steroid Hysteria: Unpacking the Claims," American Medical |and deliberate with the sole objective of getting an unfair | |Association Journal of Ethics |advantage." | |Nov. 2005 |Richard Pound, BCL [pic][pic][pic] | | |Former President of the World Anti-Doping Agency | | |Intelligence Squared US debate titled "We Should Accept | |...
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