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JAPAN Foreign language, English 33202
English Reading – Writing

Preface This English project, Japan, is a part of the Foreign language courses, English 33202, English Reading – Writing, Objective 3. The main purpose of the Project work is to be able to get information from various kinds of sources by using English as a tool of communication. Our group work on Japan as a title of the project and we get information from website the internet. Through out the project, we gain knowledge and develop English and social skills. Moreover, the project draw on knowledge gained from other subjects in the curriculum.

We hope this project will be very useful for readers.

Group 6 Class 6 / 6

The report of English project

Title: Japan Students’ responsibility Mattayom Suksa 6 /6 Group 6 Integrated project

Nowadays English is not only important but it is necessary to our ways of life. English is an essential tool for communication, to gain information from textbooks, newspapers, television and radio programmes, websites on internets and other sources. Activities through project work in English will encourage to develop English skills especially reading and writing, besides, they will develop intellectual, and social skills. The available technology will help to gain information, make a report and present the project more efficiently. With the cooperation of the group, doing the activities systematically, this will provide opportunity to practice English. This project is a part of studying the Foreign language courses, English 33202 and English 33102. Objectives 1. To search and gain information from various kinds of sources. 2. To do an English project. 3. To report the English project. 4. To be co operative. Goals 1. A report of English project / group 2.

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