Death Punishment

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Human rights Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: December 1, 2013

Death Penalty in the U.S Every year, 10,189,902 crimes are committed in the U.S. Among these number, 14,827 murders and 84,376 are recorded every year. However, the capital punishment is the legal authorization of killing someone as a punishment for a crime. Even though it is legal in the U.S, a certain number of people are against it. Indeed, the death penalty can be seen as a barbaric act, but killing someone or committing another major crime is also a barbaric act. Certainly, the death penalty should be effective for many reasons.

The first reasons why capital punishment should be effective is for the impediment of major crimes. Every human being has the fear of dying even if we know that we will all die one day. For instance, those who commit crimes such as kidnapping, murder, rape, human traffic, terrorism, and other major offenses, capital punishment must be effective for them, because an example should be given to others who may try to commit those crimes. James L. Melton said that, if the television starts promoting the visual aid at 8pm of how people are roughly treated to death, and how criminals are executed, crimes could diminish and, people would support the death penalty (1997). Some people say that we should kill crime not criminals, in contrast we should kill criminals and automatically there is no crime because the people who commit the crimes will be dead.

The fair justice is another important reason for the effectiveness of the death penalty. When criminals take people’s life, then it is just logical that they have to pay for it with their life. Furthermore, if someone kills an innocent person or commits another major crime, it is clear that this person is violating the law of the land and the bible also. For example, if someone kills your loved one, certainly you will fight for a fair justice, which in this case will be the death penalty. J. Budziszewski says that the...

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