Death Penalty vs Life Imprisonment

Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, Murder Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: November 23, 2008
Death Penalty vs. Life Imprisonment
The death penalty is a widely discussed issue in the United States. Should the government still impose the death penalty for certain crimes? Or should the punishment be life imprisonment? This essay will discuss the different viewpoints on the death penalty and life imprisonment. Capital punishment, also called the "death penalty," is the pre-meditated and planned taking of a human life by the government in response to a crime committed by the convicted person. The United States still uses the death penalty for certain crimes. On average, the United States puts 250 people per year on death row. The following are the top reasons why people are in favor of the death penalty. The death penalty gives closure to the victim’s families and loved ones. Losing a loved one is hard for anyone and for most it is not enough to simply have the perpetrator locked away for life. Family members and loved ones want and need closure in order to move on in their lives. Prosecutors state that imposing the death penalty is a crime deterrent. Law enforcement agencies feel that if there is no death penalty then crime would become uncontrollable. Basically, the death penalty is used as a scare tactic. Some believe in the old saying, “Eye for an eye.” It is often said that the punishment should fit the crime. Some believe that the death penalty is nothing but revenge and has nothing to do with justice. Society feels that sympathy goes to the perpetrators rather than for the victims. Everyone is too busy feeling sorry for the criminal who was just sentenced to death, rather than for the victim that was heinously murdered, raped, or scarred for life. The main reason prosecutors are for the death penalty is because it gives them a bargaining tool in the plea bargain process. Even if you believe that the defendant deserves life in prison, without the threat of a death sentence, there may be no way to get him to plead guilty. On the...

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