Death Penalty: The Need of the Hour

Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: October 19, 2009
“Is it Really a Time to Kill?”
Alvanti Smith
PHI: 107
Victor Reppert
September 14, 2009

To sentence someone to death for a crime is not justice. It is state sanctioned killing. Killing the accuser does not help the victims or their families. The death penalty is not deterrence to the crime. A person should have to live with his or her actions for the rest of their life. I feel state- sanction killing is an act of revenge. If I killed someone, because they killed someone in my family I will be charged with murder. In what ways does this may the state different from me? It does not because we both acted out of revenge. State-sanction killing creates more victims and more pain. It is actually is a repeating cycle of killing and violence. Many people have different views than me about the death penalty and for. I may feel it is a way for the state to sanction killings. On the other hand, some people may feel is pure justice. They feel if is main the punishment for their actions. People strongly feel it is not state sanction killing but a way to fit for the crime. I do not agree with those people. I feel it does not get rid of evil. In fact, the death penalty adds to evil. People often assume that family members of murder victims support the death for the person who killed their loved ones. In fact many do not. Many victims’’ families are against the death penalty. According to Graverholt (2009), “the victims are dead, and no execution of the murder will make the alive.” “I’ve heard many relatives say that they could hardly wait to gain closure by the execution of the murder, but I have never heard any of them say years later that they found this closure.” “If the death penalty proponents really care so much about these relatives, I do not understand why funding for psychological support for them is so embarrassing low or missing.” In my lifetime, I have never seen anyone come back alive after their accuser execution. Killings the accuser does not help the...
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