Death Penalty Research Paper

Topics: Murder, Prison, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: December 9, 2013

Who is really being punished?
Death. It isn’t something most Americans like to think about. But with approximately 15,200 murder offences in the United States alone during the year 2009, perhaps it’s time that we start (United States Census Bureau). Why should we allow those who have killed others to continue living in our society? States have argued over utilizing capital punishment for years, the time has come to make it legal. Capital punishment is a legal and appropriate measure in the United States of America legal system because it benefits society in that it provides a strong deterrence against crimes in the future and protects the rights of victims of crimes. If murderers are sentenced to life without parole, there are chances that they could escape or be released early. Sadly, this happens all too often. Often when this happens, they will murder people yet again. If convicted murderers are executed, there is no way that they could kill people again. With the death penalty in place, society is a safer place for citizens. Sometimes, people just need an incentive to not do things. Capital punishment is the ultimate consequence and is this biggest incentive possible to prevent people from committing crimes; after all, no one wants to be executed. If capital punishment is put into place for all fifty states, it will be a huge incentive not to commit crimes and the crime right will decrease. If murderers are given life without parole, they will spend their life in prison. Although this seems like a terrible punishment, we must consider a few things. Why should people who have committed the most heinous crimes be cared for so well? Prisoners are given shelter to live under, food to eat, water to drink, gyms to exercise in, television to watch, and a complete college education paid for by the state. Prisoners also have routines every day. Routine provides stability and comfort for prisoners (Johnson and McGunigall-Smith 342). People who kill others...
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