Death Penalty Outline

Topics: Lethal injection, Capital punishment, Electric chair Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Understanding the Death Penalty
General Purpose:
My general purpose is to give the audience a better understanding of the death penalty. Specific Purpose:
My purpose is to inform my audience about the different death penalty methods. Introduction:
I. We all know Thomas Edison as being the creator of the light bulb, but what most don’t know is he executed animals using his knowledge of electricity. That’s where it all began. II. The death penalty is the execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense. III. It is also known as Capital Punishment. The two words merely mean the same thing. Some look at “Death Penalty” as being the penalty received whereas others look at “Capital Punishment” as being the actual execution. IV. What makes capital cases different from other cases is more pre-trial time, more experts, more attorneys, and jurors have to be quizzed on their views of the death penalty. All crimes are not capital cases. Transition: To begin let’s start with the different methods of execution. Body:

I. There are five methods of execution.
a. Lethal injection
b. Electric chair
c. Gas chamber
d. Hanging
e. Fire squad

Transition: First let’s explore lethal injection.
I. Lethal Injection is the primary source of execution used in the United States; The U.S. became the first country to use lethal injection. There are three different drugs used in lethal injection. A. Sodium Thiopental- A sedative drug that puts you in a coma-like, unconsciousness sleep. B. Pancuronium Bromide- Prohibits all muscular-skeletal movements and paralyzes the diaphragm to stop respiration. C. Potassium Chloride- Interferes with the electrical signals of the heart, causing cardiac arrest. According to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, along with Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Samuel A. Alito, There are a total of 36 states now use lethal injection as their most...

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