Death Penalty Implementation

Topics: Prison, Crime, Death Penalty Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Political science major Nikolai Pascasio, meanwhile, pointed out that the death penalty could just be an ‘easy way out’ for convicts to escape the punishment of languishing in prison for years. Another political science major, Vertine Beler, said he's indifferent over the death penalty issue, adding that regardless of whether it’s re-imposed or not, criminals will continue to commit crimes with little fear or restraint as long as the police are inept and the justice system is so frustratingly slow. Let it be resolved that the DEATH PENALTY be reenacted in the Philippines. Ladies and gentlemen, recently I knew that the Death penalty is more formally known as Capital Punishment. But I guess many people know that already. Recently, I just knew that in this scale of penalty, the convicted will be put to death. What I’d like to tell you this morning is if the death penalty a benefit for anyone. If yes, in what way is it beneficial? I have here some information I gathered from This website is officially owned by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. According to their data, as of May 2012, we have 69735 inmates nationwide. The population of our prisons in the Philippines is just 937. Also, according to their data, the prisons’ capacity is only 21929. Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, that our jailing system is operating in 318% of its capacity. It is operating 218% over its capacity. To put it simply, imagine a cell which is built for 10 people having 31. Imagine a prison which can only accommodate 1000 people having 3180. This overpopulation among jails heads to lack of food, lack of space and lack of peace of mind. Such conditions are physically, emotionally and psychologically harmful for the inmates. As a layperson -- as someone who is not an expert of the laws, not a scientist or anything --, I come to think, in light of these facts, that the death penalty will really be a help for the convicted to get out of their horrifying situation. I...
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