Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Murder Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: October 8, 2012
In all societies, many cases occur where a criminal must be punished, so that they can be taught a lesson, and they can stop committing crimes. There are many different ways of punishing criminals: one is the death penalty. The issue of the death penalty has been avidly discussed throughout history. Some people support the idea of the death penalty, since they say it is only fair for one to forfeit their life if they take the life of another. Others feel that the death penalty is not fair, and fear that many innocents have been penalized for something they did not do. The issue of capital punishment deals with the moral issues of many people with different opinions within a community. It is a cruel punishment, and many have stated that legal systems should be able to devise another punishment to replace it. Prejudice is present in cases involving the death penalty. Many feel that all civilized communities should abolish the death penalty. It can seem dreadfully unfair to the families of those found to be innocent after the fact, if they are executed for crimes they did not do. If the Courts of Justice were to misjudge a person and claim them to be guilty, they cannot repair their mistake once that innocent person is dead. Executing an innocent is just as wrongful as any murder committed by in public. Perhaps it can also be considered murder if the jury causes the death of an innocent. Francois Robespierre, a well-known French revolutionist, once said, “Human judgments are never so certain as to permit society to kill a human being judged by other human beings. Why deprive ourselves of any chance to redeem such errors?” (Goldenman 1998) It is unjust for anyone to make judgments about others, and to decide whether they should live or die. Courts of Justice are known to make numbers of errors, which means it is unreasonable to allow defendants with the least doubt of guilt to be sentenced to death. John Stuart Mill, the famous philosopher, wrote that capital...
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