Death Penality

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February 28, 2008

Death Penalty
It has been big issue that weather death penalty should continue or not. People support from both sides of the issues. Ram then was asked whether he support death penalty or not? He replied, he thinks that criminal deserves death penalty for he/she did. He said, death penalty should be sustained, because there are lots of benefits. For example, money spent for holding criminals in jail could be saved, jail won’t be overpopulated, and criminal won’t escape from jail and continue their saga of crime.

He said, one of main reason death penalty should be continued, because countless dollars are used up investing criminal in jails and that money could be saved, for example, “ State prison system spend more than $30 billion annually, and the bureau of prisons budgeted $5 billion for just 182,000 federal inmates this year” (Michael Myser). The money saved can be used in American economy. Therefore, there will be less money spent on the maintenance of the jail, because there will be less population in jail.

Second reason death penalty should be continued, because overpopulation in jails. Death penalty for those criminals who murdered a person will give comfort and less work to load to those criminals who were sentenced for small crime. For example, when criminals get an overage of numbers, we still have to operate them in same manners either they are big criminal or small criminal, it just makes too much workload. Having less criminals will reduce the chance of a criminal escaping and continuing the crime, because they will have a better environment.

Last, but not the least reason of continuing death penalty is to stop criminals from escaping and carry on the crime. Dangers criminals such as, killer who finished their sentence will have plenty of chances coming back for the same crime. Study show that “A 2002 study by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics found the 52% of released convicts were back in...
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