Death of a Salesman Direction

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Death of A Salesman


American is a capitalist society in which everyone is dispensable, where new is seen as being better: A place where people are valued by material things and not by their personality. The American dream rules America, believing that with hard work and a belief in yourself you can achieve your goals in life, money and many friends. Many people have tried to live ‘the dream‘, but few have achieved it after all a dream is only a dream. Death of a Salesman is a play about one man of the many who chased ‘the dream' but after 34 years with no success at the age of 60 is cast out from the company he works for, abandoned like an orange peel once the fruit's heart has been devoured. His lack of success in life had caused him to wish to relive his life through his sons, mainly Biff; he wishes them to succeed where he has failed. The restaurant scene is a powerful where everyone shows their real colours, Willy finally admits that he is a failure, and Biff tries to explain to his father about his career, whilst Happy is being a compulsive liar and holds Biff back from telling the truth.

In this scene Biff tries to explain that he has not got the money they need to start the new family business and that he had been kidding himself that he was a salesman like his father when he is only a clerk.


Willy Lomas - Main character Biff and Happy's father.

Willy has spent most of his life chasing the dream, this was his main goal but as his dreams fade, he begins to lose touch with reality, confusing the present day with memories of when he was more successful and people looked up to him - especially Biff. He suffers from depression and anxiety and he places his dreams upon his sons shoulders and pressurizes them to succeed where he has failed.

Biff - Willy's son - the older by 2 years.

Biff has had it easy in life; he was a high school football player but has spent his adult years drifting from one job to another....
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