Death of a Moth

Topics: Life, Short story, Death Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: November 7, 2010
The two short stories of “The Death of a Moth” from the author Virginia Woolf and “Death of a Moth” by the author of Annie Dillard are distinct pieces of significances between two deaths of two moths. Deaths of two unidentical moths share a story of life, while one has no choice but to give up and end his life despite the fact that the other moth is an inspirational figure to life full-filled with energy and drive.

To my understanding, Annie Dillard expresses herself using more of spiritual similes to show how death gives inspiration. While the short story in itself is about the moth’s life coming to an end, Dillard never exploits the word “death” or “dead”. The strength in her writing determines the rare outcome of how a moth’s death is written without even saying the word death. Annie Dillard writes more strongly on the sense that even in one’s death, the author sees the value in one’s life. Seeing the value in the moth’s death creates the tone of the piece. The tone can be described as uplifting and inspiring. The time period of the piece was written during the summer time where offspring venture into the new world, exemplifying new life. When summer arises you feel the warm, moisture air, sun beating down on your skin feeling like fire lighting up a candle while wax melts and drips down unhurriedly. The season of Summer is full of liveliness, vivacity, and sparkle......

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