Death of a Hero

Topics: Protagonist, Understanding, Character Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Death of a Hero.
The plot runs as follows. A young couple, Elizabeth and George, moved to Chelsea, where the action took place. It was one day towards July in 1914. That day, George unusually of him bought a newspaper from where he learnt that the world was on the verge of war. Going by bus, George noticed that everyone was absorbed by this news. And one of the passengers even shared his opinion with him, that there was too much peace in the world, while George showed his neutrality. The scene-setting paragraph plunged the reader into a friendly homely atmosphere. The couple “moved to …an excellent apartment…They were both happy…” Nevertheless, the following paragraph made the reader know that a tragedy would come soon. “This was in June 1914.” The contrast was used to underline that everything people had lived and strived for would be in vain. Most of their ideas, plans, aims and even lives would turn to be ruined. It added tense to the narration. The described day proved to be unusual. “George did what he rarely did – bought a newspaper.” The detachment was used to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that, the premonition of danger, the foreboding was somewhere in the air, which made the character unconsciously bye the paper. Still, the day seemed to be benign. “Fine white fleecy clouds,… light wind ruffling the darkened foliage of summer trees…The Heat was… not unpleasant…” The epithets, descriptive words, and the litotes helped to make a vivid description of surroundings through the main character’s eyes. That is to say, it was evident, George was not aware of the world events, which we understood from his artistic perception of reality. However, the article made him be in the known. “The Austrian Empire was on the verge of war with Serbia; Russia threatened to support Serbia; the Triple Alliance would bring in Germany and Italy on the side of Austria…”.” The asyndeton was used to render Georges manner of reading. He looked through the...
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