Death of Osama bin Laden

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Death of Osama bin Laden: Effect on Al-Qaeda
Amdany Nimrod
Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Death of Osama bin Laden: Effect on Al-Qaeda
It is difficult to ascertain the existing information in relation to Osama bin Laden’s childhood since most sources of information about him are unreliable. Osama, as commonly referred, was born on 10th March, 1957 in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh (Amidon, 2011). Before forming Al-Qaeda in 1988, bin Laden was a member of mujahedeen forces in Pakistan where he helped mujahedeen funding them with money, arms and fighters to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. As a leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama was motivated by a conviction that United State’s foreign policy oppressed, exploited, harmed or otherwise killed Muslims in the Middle East. To accomplish his own objectives, bin Laden raged war against the Americans through initiating series of bombings and suicidal attacks the American citizens (Bowden, 2012). This lead the United States to declare war against Al-Qaeda and other global Islamist militia. May 1, 2011, the world witness the death of Osama bin Laden, after the SEAL Team Six ambushed Osama’s residence in Abbottbad killing him on the Spot (Inkster, 2012). This paper provides three detailed explanations on effects of bin Laden’s death on Al-Qaeda activities. Firstly, experts expects Al-Qaeda to continue coordinating its global network, though it will have to develop new ways of communicating and moving arms and fighters around the world, to evade increasingly watchful governments. United States and other governments have raged War on Terror against Al-Qaeda and any other militia. Al-Qaeda’s hide outs and training grounds in Afghanistan have been attacked, bombed and destroyed. However, al-Qaeda remains intact in several parts of the world despite their members being captured and killed. Osama’s death inspired his members since his appeals to devout Muslims by quoting speeches from Quran and alleges that God guided his actions. He united Muslims and bridge their both believes and geographical difference. This has lead to emergence of several uncompromising and fearless Islamist militia, for instance, Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram groups. Secondly, bin Laden’s death has raised several questions concerning the future of terrorism. Al-Qaeda remains alive even after his death. Osama’s business skills were extremely useful in different situations (Bergen, 2011). For instance, he organized training camps were militia recruits trained and gathered first-hand experience of strategic warfare. According to Landau (2011), Osama understood that his underground Islamic fighters would not last without an extensive support network. Thus, to guarantee the movement survival, he selectively recruited physicians, bomb experts, and military strategist throughout the Arab world to help the fighters (Landau, 2011). Instead of rejoicing Osama’s death, we should be asking ourselves, where are these physicians, experts and strategies? Al-Qaeda confirmed Osama’s death and stated, “Sheik Osama did not build an organization that would die with him, nor would it end with him (Aghai, 2011, p. 136).” His influence will last for years, his motivation to jihadist calls for revenge. Thirdly, Bin Laden’s death did not increase support for Al-Qaeda. As a matter of fact, the group remains detested as ever in different parts of Middle East. According to Fox (2012), Al-Qaeda receives most support in Egypt, where al-Zawahiri remains at large (Fox, 2012). In Pakistan, where the SEAL Team Six killed Osama, 13% of Muslims positively supports Al-Qaeda views while 55% holds unfavourable view and 30% have no opinion at all. Bin Laden’s death signifies sharp drop in support for the different terrorist groups. According to Aghai, jihadist will look for revenge and not quietly mourn the death of bin Laden. Although his death caused varied reactions from Middle East to Africa,...
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