Death Note Analysis

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Death Note, The Last Name is about a high school super-genius, Yagami Light who finds a book that can kill people. He decides to create a perfect world where there is no crime, and sets out to kill every criminal on the planet. However, he is challenged by Ryuzaki, a brilliant, young detective who is setting his goal to catch him. First and foremost, the protagonists of this movie are Kira or Yagami Light and L or Ryuzaki. These two characters are similar as well as different with one another. Kira is a genius, eighteen year old student who is majoring in Law at college. He is so frustrated with the injustice of the world and he is obsessed in changing the world to a better place. As for L or Ryuzaki, he is a genius, young detective who is struggling to catch Kira, the evil murderer. So, both Kira and L can be compared and contrasted in two ways which are their perspective towards justice and sacrifice.

First and foremost according to Longman dictionary, justice can be defined as the quality of being right and deserving fair treatment. From Kira’s point of view, he believes that a just world is where all the good and honest people should live and the bad people should be terminated. So, he is so frustrated as his world is lack of justice and laws. Besides that, he is very mad and angry when he watches or reads convicts being released by the authority as there are not enough evidences to put them behind bars in the television and newspaper. So, that is why when Kira gets hold of the Death Note, he starts killing the criminals that are undergoing their punishment in the prison. He said that all those convicts are rotten and they deserve to die. Besides that, he is aiming to live in a world without crime. Although Kira’s intention somehow is good at the first place which he wished for a better place to live in, he however becomes too obsessed with his own made title for himself which is “The God of the New World”. His obsession has made him to become ignorant and merciless in killing innocent people especially when his identity is about to be discovered by L. On the other hand, L as a well-known detective believes Kira is the most injustice person in the world as he kills people mercilessly. Driven by his nature of hating to lose, L works diligently to discover who Kira is and wants to convict him with the accusation of mass murder. Besides that in order to fight for justice, L is willing to write his own name in the death note to trap Kira at the end of the movie as he thinks that Kira should be put behind bars. Apart from that, it is not fair for the criminal to die just because they did some mistakes in their life. Well, there are some of them who deserve to die but not all of them. This is because there are some of the criminals who Kira had killed are just part of his experiment to prove the effectiveness of the death note. Moreover, there is a concept of ‘restorative justice’ which allows the victims, the offender and the community on making amends. This process will allow victims, who often feel shut out of the prosecutorial process, a way to be heard and participate (Tullis, 2013).

The next aspect that can be compared and contrasted is sacrifice. Sacrifice is the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, 2013). As for Kira, he is willing to kill his own family, specifically his father when he wrote his father’s name in the death note at the end of the story as he does not want his identity as Kira to be revealed to the world by his father who had went to a mission to investigate the death note. He said that this act of killing his family as the sacrifices needed so...

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