Death Note

Topics: Manga, Fiction, Tsugumi Ohba Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: January 25, 2007
People are easily influenced the world around them; often times taking things such as movies, books, comics, and gossip as truth and creating superstition in the process. Although people can and often do make the mistake of confusing fiction with reality, what is one to assume when events in real life are far too convenient for people just to label it as a normal occurrence and move on. When reading comic books, and their Japanese counterpart mangas, one may often assume that the story will be filled with fantastic and fictional events and characters, but sometimes in this oh so real world of ours things happen just as they would in the fantasy realm of comic books and the line between fiction and reality is blurred. Death Note is a Japanese comic book that in recent months, has received huge attention due to a bizarre twist of events involving the comic's author and chief illustrator. The series revolves around a young man named Light who acquires a notebook with supernatural powers. Titled the Death Notebook, the book allows the owners to simply write the name of whomever he or she choose, and bestow death upon them in the form of a heart attack or other natural cause. (Wiki 1-1) Although the premise is simple, the rules are complex and the consequences are dire, Light quickly realizes the values of human life and the story thickens. Through a captivating storyline that involves supernatural beings and worlds, and a drama that all can relate too, the comic took off in popularity and quickly became a cultural phenomenon in Japan. The creators of the Death Note were Tsugumi Ohba, the story writer, and Takeshi Obara, the illustrator. (Wiki 1) Who would have known that their own fates were aligned with the unfortunate souls they were depicting in there story, the Death Note. On the afternoon of September 2, 2006, the producer was meeting with Tsugumi discussing their upcoming installment of the Death Note, when Tsugumi collapsed abruptly. The producer and his...
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