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Sue Leather

•Sue Leather has been in the ELT field for thirty years.
•Between 1985 and 2000, she worked as a teacher.
•She has an MA in Education from the Institute of
Education, University of London.
•She has written a number of articles for ELT journals and magazines.
•Sue is now resident on the beautiful west coast of Canada.

Setting for the Story
Genre: Thriller
The story takes place in London, England
Main contents:
This story began as a murder case. When Kate Jensen tried to investigate this case, she found another a murder case which had happened in thirty years ago. There are some relations between this two cases. In the end, Kate discovered the real murderer.

Main Characters

Kawaguchi-sensei: a famous karate teacher
the victim in murder case
Kate Jensen : a news reporter on The Daily Echo.
She used to train in karate.
Naoko Kawaguchi: Kawaguchi’ daughter.
the victim in 30-year-ago murder.
Brendan Murphy: Murphy was accused of
The London Road murder, over thirty years ago.


A famous karate teacher is killed by a single punch.
• Kawaguchi known to his students and was famous in
karate field.
• In London, anyone who wanted to train seriously trained
with he.
• It is a force, powerful, professional and fast punch.
• The murder case taken place in the karate clubs.

Death follows death

• The second day, "same story“--one punch--the victim is Ito, Kawaguchi's number two.

The murderer killed Kawaguchi was a real karate

Another murder happened in thirty years ago.
•Kate's father remembers that the girl was being driven
home by a school caretaker, John Blakeston.
•They picked up a hitchhiker who shot Blakeston and
seriously injured the girl , Kawaguchi’s daughter,
Naoko---London Road murder.
•Naoko identified a young man called Brendan Murphy
who was hanged.
However, Kate’s father, and many others, believed
that Murphy was innocent.

The avenger
•After Kawaguchi’s funeral, Kate returns to her apartment and is attacked when she goes in.

Fly to Tokyo

•Naoko tells Kate that John Blakeston was her lover and
that her father had tried to stop her seeing him.
•She admits that she might have made a mistake in
identifying Brendan Murphy as the murderer.

The real murder in London Road murder case
•Kate believes that there is a connection between the
London Road murder and the recent murder case.
•She knows from old newspaper articles about the
London Road murder that a man called Peter Benson
confessed to kill Blakeston.
•Kate wanted to find Peter, actually, Peter was dead.

A letter bomb from the avenger

•The Avenger sent a letter bomb to the Home
•Sandra told Kate, there is 75% of the letter’s writer is a woman. This style of handwriting generally is written by
a person not over forty years old.

A girl friend

•Brendan’s brother Paddy told Kate that Brendan had a
girlfriend called Janey Lovat.
•Kate finds another Lovat on list of registered black
belts in London, who was a member of Kawaguchi-

A Plan

•Kate lets her father to write an article in the Daily
Echo saying that he now believes Murphy was a
murder in order to pay the avenger’s attention.

The real avenger

•The Avenger comes to Kate’s father’s house in the
evening and Kate and her friend are waiting.
•They capture the Avenger and discover that, it is
Brenda Lovat, Brendan Murphy and Janey Lovat’s

About Brenda Lovat
When Janey Lovat found she had a baby, Brendan was
picked up by the police.
They decided not to tell anyone, not even his family.
When she was born, her father had already been hanged.
Janey Lovat started training with Kawaguchi when she was
a 14 years old.
Janey wanted Kawaguchi to admit his mistakes, but he
didn’t want do admit.

Be a honest and brave...
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