Death by Landscape

Topics: Anxiety, Death, Life Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: March 26, 2007
Death by Landscape

It is often wondered what an artist was thinking or what message they are trying to convey when they create an unusual or even a masterpieces of art. Now it is also safe to say that such beauty and talent might only be in the eye of the beholder, and many will never appreciate or understand the views that others have towards an artists work.

Why do some people find such depth in the simplest of paintings, such as a landscape? Many people connect to paintings or pictures because it takes them somewhere else while they look at it, and they can live in what they see even if it is only for a moment or two. This feeling alone is one that can inevitably make a piece of art so priceless.

Death by Landscape is a beautiful story. Margaret Atwood tells the story of a young girl named Lois, her childhood and adventures growing up with her dear friend Lucy. These two young girls grow up spending their summers at Camp Manitou. Margaret describes the beautiful detail of where Lois and Lucy spend their summers. The details allow you to paint a picture in your mind of this camp, their adventures and even the people that attend the camp with them each summer.

Lois and Lucy are two great friends; they confide and grow with one another. You grow with them as they come back to this camp each summer, and have matured developed and grown closer each year. You come to know their feelings and how they are different based on their families and where they grow up. You come to feel the sensitive nature that both these girls have and how they are such a support for one another, and how they use each other and the camp as an outlet to escape the troubles and pressures of life.

Lucy's life was complicated compared to Lois's. You learn how disappointing Lucy's life becomes each summer. Lucy's parents divorce, remarry, mother is cheating on her stepfather, she does not like any of the new members to her family and she hates Chicago....
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