Death by Choice

Topics: Life, Afterlife, Death Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Death by Choice
Some people fear that death means the end of life, and others believe death is just a mere phase to eternal existence. According to the poem; “Death, Be Not Proud” by John Donne, he clarifies death has no power over an individual. Death is just a temporary sleep leading to everlasting life, or could this death be the end?

The subject of death is a reality that one needs to face every day. There is nothing one can do about it. In today’s world death is known as “the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism” (Encyclopedia Britannica). This means death could be the end of life, with nothing more than unending sleep, or on the other hand, the beginning of timeless life. The true meaning of death depends on ones beliefs; if one chooses to be religiously Christian, they shall not fear death, as they simply move on from this life into another. As for the non-religious individuals, death is permanent and perhaps one of the most unfortunate part of the life cycle.

The vast majority of Christians believe in some kind of heaven, in which believers enjoy the presence of God and freedom from suffering and sin. “Death, Be Not Proud”, exemplifies the popular Christian philosophy of the period that heaven is eternal. A slightly lesser majority of Christians believe in the existence of hell, where unbelievers or sinners are punished. Views differ as to whether hell is eternal and whether its punishment is spiritual or physical. Some Christians reject the notion altogether. Catholic Christians also believe in purgatory, a temporary place of punishment for Christians who have died with unconfessed sins.

In contrast, the people who don’t believe in religion are considered to be known as atheists. They believe there is no afterlife, there is no purgatory, and you won't continue to exist as some kind of spirit. Death is the final breath one takes ending their life. When a person’s life passes they are put six feet underground and...

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