Death And The King's Horseman Play Analysis

Pages: 3 (681 words) Published: May 2, 2016

The male characters in Death and the King’s Horseman had a very strong clash throughout the play and played very important roles but the female characters also played a very pivotal role in the outcome of the play as well. The female characters play a very important role in the ritual and cultural aspect of the play Death and the King’s Horseman. Iyaloja and Jane Pilkings both play very important roles in the play to help aid that the messages being portrayed about the culture, ritual, modernity and the civilization differ from the different situations in which both the woman are placed in. While Iyaloja supports the fact that Elesin has to commit suicide as a part of the rituals of his culture, Jane Pilkings doesn’t exactly agree with the decisions that her husband, Simon Pilkings has been making which may cause the message in the plot to be modifed throughout the play....

The roles that the women play throughout Death and The King’s Horseman have very important factors that should be noted as the play develops. Two of the three primary women Iyaloja and Jane Pilkings, in the play have a very large impact on the outcome of the play and in their own way these women impact the conclusion of the play and have large impacts on the male characters of the play. Iyaloja is the best example of the women who has a large impact on the play she is a very prominent female figure within the Yoruba culture and aside from the role Elesin plays Iyaloja is the second most influential character in the Yoruban culture that is discussed throughout the play. The differences in the way the women react to certain situations also shows how the cultures differ from the roles the Yoruban women and the British women and how they interact in their cultures and...
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