Death and the King's Horseman, Play by Wole Soyinka: Summary

Topics: Woman, Girl, Boy Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: March 26, 2008
The play was set back during the time of War World 1 or 2. The story starts in a Nigerian village where the women of the village are sitting down talking and folding pieces of cloth. Elesin Oba (the Chief Horseman) walks thought the market with young man and drummers the women stop and put away their things. They start to flirt with Elesin because today is his last day on earth before he is to join the king on the other side. Elesin tells the women of the story of the Not I bird and how the bird did not fulfill his duty. Elesin goes on to say that he will not delay when it is time to fulfill his duty. The women talk together and sing to Elesin Oba while they give him the best clothes to wear. As he is getting dress he sees a beautiful young woman who he can’t take his eyes off of. The mother of the women Iyaloja start to talk to Elesin he ask her who that young woman is because he never seen her. Elesin wants to take her to bed before he dies. Iyaloja warns him that he shouldn’t do it. That he need to keep his mind on the task ahead of him. But she can’t refuse his wish or she will bring trouble to the village. Iyaloja tell the other women of the village to go and get the girl ready. Even though the young girl is already engaged, Iyaloja go and prepare the bridal bed. In the next scene we are at the house of the district officer. Simon Pilkings and his wife Jane are getting ready for a costume ball. When Amusa , an officer comes in and refuse to tell the Simon that he think that Elesin will kill his self tonight. Amusa will not look Simon in the face because he is wearing the robes for egungun ceremony. Simon has Amuse write a report and leave. Once Simon reads the report he calls his servant Joseph and asks him what the drum in the distance mean. Joseph is not sure at first the drums meant that that Elesin Oba was going to kill him self. Now it sounds like wedding drums. Simon makes fun of Joseph belief. So Joseph is not sure. He sends Josephs to station with...
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