Death and Life in Sarah Watts's Look Both Ways

Topics: Anxiety, Meaning of life, Fear Pages: 4 (1964 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Year 11 ESL Examination Semester 2 Reading and Responding Sample Text Response Q 3. ‘Look Both Ways affirms death as part of life.’
Look Both Ways, a film by Sarah Watts examines death and life in a profound way where the characters have to confront death and learn about themselves. The film examines the notion of death as a universal theme that is random and the consequences of death related issues which can be painful at times. Furthermore, the film also explores the notion of death being a part and parcel of life through the plot and the characters confronting and experiencing grief, fear, and anxiety related to death. But all is not doom and gloom as there is the celebration of life when the characters confront death both real and imagined and learn from their experiences that life is worth living. As a result, the characters who are initially obsessed with death through fear and anxiety gradually begin to build meaningful relationships with each other and celebrate life. The director Sarah Watt explores death as a universal theme that no one can escape from and she explores it in many different ways. The film begins with the plot of the Arnow Hill train disaster where many are killed and injured as seen on the television news and the accidental death of man called Rob who is killed by a freight train. The initial plot of death is pervasive as it spreads and affects most of the characters in some way or other. From the opening shot of the newsreader announcing the news about the Arnow Hill train disaster, through to Meryl’s fears of a violent death through animation and dialogue, to Nick’s suffering anxiety by implying that his body is riddled with cancer cells multiplying in the photomontage sequence and Rob’s accidental death, the director wants to explore and examine death as a universal theme that no one can avoid. Most of the characters in the film come into contact o through the grieving process for family members or friends or through...
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