Death and grief

Topics: Grief, Emotion, Psychological trauma Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Death and Grief
Death of friends and family is something that everyone has to deal with at some point in their life. What you do after a death is your form of grief, whether it be intense emotions or trouble concentrating, everyone goes through it. Everyone has different ways of grieving, and some ways may work for only certain people, just depending on how they cope with different people. Even though grief is something essential to getting over something tragic like death, we still need different strategies of coping with that grief so that we are able to get back to our normal lives. There are many ways that people can help themselves and others cope with grief. Grief is the emotional, physical and spiritual reactions in response to a death or loss. Grieving comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it can come as strong emotional, such as sadness and anger, physical reactions, such as not sleeping or nausea, or even spiritual reactions, in which people find themselves questioning their beliefs or feeling disappointed in their religion. Everyone has different ways of grieving, depending on who passed away and their relationship to the person, and the emotional state of the person. Either way, any type of grieving takes time and healing usually happens gradually. How you handle your grief is your way of coping. Just like grief, everyone has different ways of coping. Some may reach out for support from others, others may become extremely busy to take their minds off the situation. The worst type of coping mechanism, but one of the most common, is depression. Depression usually leads to withdraw from friends and family or from activities of which they are involved in. It is always important to make sure these people have friends or family to support them during their hard times, and not give up on them. Some people may feel as though it will be impossible to recover after losing someone, and it is important to make sure to let them know that...
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