Death Adder

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Death Adder

Physical Traits/Characteristics
The Death adder would hide under loose leaf litters or debris and wait for its prey (it even takes some days) while wiggling its grub-like tail to lure its prey. When an animal approaches its grub looking tail, the Death adder quickly strikes, injecting its venom and slowly leaves it to die before eating it. The venom it ejects comes from its teeth, which is probably around 6.2 millimetres long. Habitat/Locality

Death Adders prefer to hide under piles of leaves or debris, which means they are mostly found in woodlands, grasslands or shrub lands where they find lots of plants with leaves. The Death adder is most common in places such as the Eastern or the Coastal Southern of Australia- Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. But it is quite scarce to find it in places like the Northern Territory, Western Australia and west parts of South Australia. Food

Death Adders would usually eat small reptiles-like lizards-, mammals-like mice-, smaller birds and frogs that live nearby ponds or lakes. Breeding
Breeding Death adders or other snakes need license. The breeding license authorizes a person to possess, breed and sell. If owning a Death adder, putting it in a large tank with plastic trees will be good for shade. Heat for the snake would approximately be around 39 degrees Celsius. A bowl with shallow water would be great for the snake needs to drink and soak in it. Also, food like day-old or live mice –it’s best to give dark-coloured food because they wouldn’t normally touch the white ones. Risk to Humans

The risk to humans from Death adders is fatal if not treated properly. Death adders strike 85 milligrams of venom and strikes its prey as fast as lightning. The venom that they inject attacks the nerves, if not treated, paralysis would soon occur Description:

Death adders have a very short and light, skinny bodies which is light brown imprinted with blackish-brown stripes that goes...

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