Dearth of Research in Oyo State, Nigeria

Topics: Oyo State, Local Government Areas of Nigeria, Education Pages: 13 (2897 words) Published: February 26, 2013


A case study of Oyo State


Research and development remained the bedrock of any self reliant national economy. Agrarian, Industrial, communication technology, educational revolutions have all been made possible as a result of research and development. This clearly shows the extent in which research and development contributes to an effective transition from one level of development to another. Little wonder then, when President Goodluck Jonathan laments during the 23rd convocation ceremony of Federal university of Technology, Akure in a message read by Professor Julius Okojie, the executive secretary of Nigeria University Commission that the Nigerian universities record poor scores in international ratings because their authorities pay little attention to research. He went further to say that The President noted that the nation needed high quality manpower and impactful research to achieve necessary economic growth and development. He went further to say that, “Our education administrators need to urgently address the importance of research, which is one reason our universities perform poorly in international ratings”. “We must upgrade our curricula to ensure the provision of quality education. Learning at tertiary levels should produce graduates that are self-reliant.

The story of research and development is rather pathetic. Despite the Government pledge to improve research and development, it is still at it lowest ebb when compared to other developed and developing countries of India, Japan.

A former Minister of Science and Technology Grace Ekpiwhre in one of her ministerial briefing while in office decried the low level of patronage and non-commercialization of Research and Development (R&D). Her words, "Our major challenge is still the low level of patronage of R& D results. Compendium of these commercializable results has been published to acquaint the public of the potentials in the sector. Exhibition has equally been mounted continually to attract investors, yet our industrialists and other users still prefer foreign goods to the detriment of our indigenous products and services

From the above discussion, it clearly indicated that there is an acute shortage in the patronage, funding, and acceptability of Research and Development in Nigeria. Yet, various revolutionary has been witnessed in the education sector of this country. Different government has instituted different approach toward enhancing dissemination of quality education to all in Nigeria. The approach includes UPE, 6-3-3-4, the introduction UBE in 1999, the funding of education through PTF and so on.

Despite all these approach to ensure quality education for all, dearth of research has always stands as bane of government effort towards this. Thus, the government decision has been always truncated.

As an example, in Oyo state despite the fact that government is throwing her weight behind the successful implementation of solid educational foundation for everyone in Oyo State, the government has not in a day wake up to realize the effect of researching into the distribution of Higher educational institution in the State. Institution of Higher learning were been sited base on sentiment and political wills. According to Hammed Abiodun of Economics Department, University of Abuja; citing of Higher institution in Oyo state has been more favourable to some cities than other.


The dearth of research in Oyo state can be link to the uneven distribution of Higher Institution in Oyo State.


Oyo State with an approximate population of 6,617,720 (2007 Pop. Census) is an island State situated in the South-West region of the country. Its capital is situated in Ibadan. Oyo State has a total number of 33 Local Governments council and it is politically divided into four zones, that is Ibadan/Ibarapa zone, Oyo...

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