Dear School Board

Topics: Obesity, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Dear school board,
Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life. Some schools do not require students to participate in physical education classes, but it is important for young kids to stay physically active. The rise of obesity in young children has become a growing concern in America. Physical education should be required every year for all public school students.

Students who do not participate in physical education more than likely will not be physically active as adults. By not teaching children about physical education, it adds to the problem. It leads to obesity later on in life. All students should be required to participate though. Their involvement in physical education teaches them about lifelong fitness. Exercise keeps our hearts and bodies healthy and helps our bodies function properly.

All Americans should be regularly physically active to improve overall health and fitness. People who aren't physically active are much more likely to develop health problems.Physical education, or gym class, isn't mandatory for all high school students. In some schools, it isn't offered due to budget cuts or the idea that students should use that time to study. Physical education may actually increase academic performance. It also teaches teens skills and habits that help them transition to healthy adults.

Obese teens are likely to carry their bad habits into adulthood. Teaching teens the importance of a healthy lifestyle and establishing fitness routines now can help teens make exercise a priority as an adult. Teens can also learn to use exercise as a healthy coping mechanism for stress. Physical activities, such as group sports, help build adult leaders and teach teens the value of teamwork and cooperation.

AHA estimates that 10 million kids and teens suffered from obesity as of 2011. Teens should get 60...
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