Dear Mrs. Breed: Analysis

Pages: 5 (1149 words) Published: February 26, 2018

People can best respond to conflict through determination which helps give people a drive and hope, perseverance which helps people not to quit and push through tough times, and finally optimism which gives people a sense of hope. People like Sophie Scholl whose story is told in an article named “Hitler Youth” shows determination while she is enlisted in Adolf Hitler’s school program. Sophie drives to get the education she deserves as well as help others do the same. Louise Ogawa shows optimism in her letters which were later compiled into a book called “Dear Mrs. Breed”. Although the conditions are very tough in the Japanese internment camp Louise sees the best of things and keeps her positive attitude throughout her time there. Helen Waterford...

Perseverance was very common during World War Two when times were tough. In the article “Imagine Giving Your Child Away” by Helen Waterford two parents must save their child from the Nazi’s by giving her to a non-jewish family. Helen states, “my husband and I, had more than a year ago decided, since we knew of children transports from Germany to England, maybe that would be one day possible, so we would give away our child” (Waterford). Although this was very hard for Helen and her husband together they persevered and realized that this was necessary for their daughters well being. In an article named “Ten People Who Saved Jews During WW2” written by JT there is a story of a man who saved Jews by creating fake passports. This helps the Jews flee the country and keeps them out of the hands of the Nazi’s. The author states, “When Sanz Briz was removed from his post, Perlasca pretended to be his substitute so that he could continue printing false passports. He also personally sheltered thousands of Hungarian Jews while they were waiting for their passports. It is estimated he saved over 5,000 Jews” (JT). Sanz shows perseverance when he continues to put himself in danger to save others. This was an outstanding gesture which helped anyone in danger of the Nazi’s. In the excerpt “Drenthe village awarded medal for large-scale WWII aid to hunted Jews” the author talks about Drenthe, a village in Europe, that stepped up and helped many Jewish people escape the concentration camps. The author states, “An additional activity was springing resistance people from jail. In one such scheme involving a raid on the Amsterdam Penitentiary, Post was betrayed and caught. The Germans did not risk holding their most wanted ‘partizan’ for long” ( This town as a whole served to help Jews and although it was risky continued to push through their conflict and overall make a difference...
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