Dear Itunes

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Dear ITunes

In regards to your email here are the some tips for you that will prepare you to certain situations that you mare face while opening an internet business.

Form the start you will face with the problems such; as reliability feedback and goal changing; analysis, place of change and transaction security. In this email I will try to explain why are they problem? And how you can fight with them

The firs and main problem when you create online shop it is not look reliable in front of the customer, they may think that this web source is fake because he is not popular in customer use. What I suggest to do is to make more advertising in different online shops to make people understand that your websites is official.

For the new online business is not hard to get feedback from the customers, however for the some reason customer doesn’t trust for the online business and don’t wont to have any relation ships. What I can suggest is to create website more attractive and customer friendly putting some bonus and sale system.

Moreover your website can face with the problem to analysis customer needs, the reason for this that your business in not popular and don’t have that much customer to make exact analysis. For solving this problem I will suggest you to create online questioner, this will help to understand customers needs.

The next problem is to keep your online business up-to date, as we all know that developing in technology is never stops. As head of the company you must be sure that website technician be specialists in they job.

You also need to be ready that you can face with the problems contains with the security, your web site need to be well secured and represent this, the reason for this you need make customer sure that their personal details and credit card data is save and no one will get access to them except the owner

The internet is worldwide it is connect costumers form all part of the world, you may have problems with...
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