Dear Editor

Topics: Child abuse, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Dear Editor,
I am writing to draw readers’ attention to the fact that there has been a sharp increase in reports of domestic violence in Hong Kong, some ending in death. It is extremely disheartening, I cannot help voicing my opinion on this issue.

There are three main reasons that lead to domestic violence. Obviously, Domestic violence is more frequent where individuals experience loss of physical health or wage-earning power, they are living under great pressure. People who are unemployed are often linked to poor self-esteem. They may take drugs and alcohol to release their pressure that leads to out-of-control behavior. Some cases even abuse and battery spouse to gain and maintain control over the victim.

Moreover, many violence cases involve migrants from China, especially women who married Hong Kong men. One of the potential dangers is that the new immigrants are unwilling to seek help even in case of difficulties. Many just vent their dissatisfaction on their children, causing a string of domestic violence.

Furthermore, domestic violence behaviors are learned through observation. Studies have found that nearly one half of abusive men grew up in homes where their father was an abuser. If we don’t early tackle the problem, it will become a vicious cycle.

Are there sufficient social workers serving this area? I doubt whether the authority has allocated the right resources to address the problem. Here are my suggestions:

Firstly, government should tackle the problem through legislation and education. We should call on the government to amend the local domestic violence law to better protect families. For example, extend the court injunctions against abusers from three months to up to two years. This may help to increase the deterrent effect to eliminate domestic violence.

Secondly, the government need to start mandatory counseling for the abusive spouses since most abusers especially the new immigrants would not seek counseling on...
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